Life is an Open Book Test....

Collected within these pages is the wisdom of many. Not all will be consistant with other Traditions, other beliefs, even other posted material. However, we have done our best to weed out that which is false or is penned with the intent to harm. We will also try to keep any copywrited material credited to its originator or completely out of the Inn all together. If we missed some (and we probably will), and you would like it removed or credited, or if you have something you would like us to include, please feel free to contact us and let us know.

Prologue: The Rules.

Chapter 1: Nightside's Rantings

   Section 1: I think, therefore I am...... I am aware, therefore I live.

   Section 2: What goes around comes around... For the witch it's Threefold.

   Seciton 3: Seeing is believing... But one must Believe in order to See.

   Section 4: Focus

    Section 5: End Game

    Nightside's Views on... an FAQ

Chapter 2:Tatiana's Musings

   Section 1: Elements

   Section 2: Magickal Tools

   Section 3: Day Correspondences

   Section 4: Color and Candle Correspondences

   Section 5: Parenting Page

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