The Rules

There are only four rules that are enforced here at the Inn. They are:

1)    Thou shalt not annoy, anger, frustrate, or otherwise piss off the Innkeeps. (Hint: the fastest way to break this rule is to break one of the other three)

2)    Thou shalt not take any knowledge from the Inn that was given to you in trust, nor shall you give out any such information while residing here. (In other words, "To Be Silent")

3)    Thou shalt not participate in aggravation of another patron of the Inn. Nor shalt you begin or participate in any "bar brawls."

This one I will explain in English. The Inn was originally established to be neutral territory for anyone who wanted a place to relax, talk, or just get away. Over the years that idea has been challenged a number of times, and only once have the doors to the Inn been barred to ANYONE. Please, if you have a problem with one of our patrons, take it somewhere else- outside the Inn. This includes SPAMing, flaming, etc. There are ample chat rooms and BBS's devoted to those past-times, so I would appreciate kept it in those places. Discussions, debates, even a low key argument is fine. But try to keep it civil

4)    Thou shalt not make changes to the spells and incantations that have created this Incarnation of the Inn of the Broken Bow. (ie. Don't mess with the web pages' code. I'm still learning html, so give me a break.)


Thank-you, and enjoy your stay.

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