End Game

At long last, the final chapter has been reached. For those who have skipped ahead to this point, I feel sorry for you. You have missed a great deal of knowledge and potential for insights of your own. I suggest that you go back to the beginning and work through the exercises properly. For those of you who have already read through the rest of my rantings, you have likely already figured out what this chapter will be about. However, in all fairness, I felt as though I needed to complete this work, if only to explain why I bothered with the first four chapters to begin with.

When I originally began this, it was with the idea that I could, in a single document, sum up the whole of my knowledge. The fact that I attempted it showed just how ignorant I was at the time. When I realized the true scope of my task, I decided to prune it down to being simply a path to get beginning students to the point where they could begin thinking on their own and teaching themselves the more advanced theories through insight and experiment. It was only years after I completed the first four chapters that I had an insight of my own, one that has finally prompted me to bring this final chapter to light: that you donít need to do any of it.

So, now to answer the question as to why I suggested that the Ďcheatersí go back and finish reading those four useless chapters. The answer is simple: If you donít go through the useless work, you donít realize that itís useless. To work magick, you donít need to cast circle, you donít need the tools or incense or candles; you donít need the time and day and color correspondences. They are all just foci for your mind. They are things that you can see and touch and do to let your mind grab hold of. It is your mind that does the magick. It is your will and your imagination that brings the energies into the form that you want. They have no power of their own beyond what you give them. When I said that Ďbelief becomes reality,í I meant just that. What you believe to be true, backed by the force of your will, is true. The greater the will backing up the belief, the stronger that belief will hold.

I hope you, the reader, are not too disappointed. However, I have found that in Life the endings are never really dramatic. Nor are they ever really an end. Rather, they are simply a change. They provide you a place to start from again, to measure progress. Each cycle- beginning, growth, maturity, reflection, and ending- helps you get closer to where you eventually need to go. Some of us need more cycles than others. Some go through different cycles, or simply go in a different order. My hope is that my rantings help you find an easier path than mine was.

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