Inn of the Broken Bow


Since days of old, people of differing thoughts and backgrounds have gathered in order to learn and to teach, to exchange knowledge, and to celebrate with sharing. They gathered at these "Inns" for food, merriment, and for tales of days gone by.

In those same days, and on into the present, when someone left behind a habit or way of life, the person would symbolically break or destroy something, to show the breaking of the bond between that which was left and he or she who was leaving it.

The Bow, a ranged weapon, can be used to inflict a wound from a relative distance. The victim, therefore, may never see their attacker. The "breaking of the bow" symbolizes the parting with the ways of working from afar; behind someone's back, for good or ill. When a need arises, the situation would be better dealt with up front and in person, not sidestepping or "attacking unseen" from behind the walls of an institution.

We, and those who walk with us, have chosen to break our bows, thus leaving behind its ways, and carry our swords openly, in hopes that one day even they may be left aside.

Until that day . . . . . . ."till all are one" .

Blessed be, and Merry Meet

Nightside and Tatiana

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