Explanation of the Symbols


Pentacle/Pentagram-Basic symbol of the Craft.  Used as a protection; a symbol of the cycle of life; the guiding star, silhouetted by the full moon; symbol of man; the senses; among the countless interpretations.

Broken Bow and Arrows-see the Theod of the Broken Bow.

Sword-Symbol of protection and defense; show willingness to defend one’s beliefs.  Depicted with a dual edge to remind us that all actions one takes "cut both ways", and should be taken with care.

Three Intertwined Circles-Symbol of the "Three Pillars", Wisdom, Generosity, and personal Honor.

Compass Rose-Symbol of the cardinal points of direction, ( North, East, South, and West).  Shows affinity to the Earth and Nature; shows the eight Sabbats, (Equinoxes, Solstices, and cross quarters).

Eight Phases of the Moon (on back)-Included to symbolize the cycle of life; phases of the Moon and Sabbats.

Pentagram (on back)-Drawn to show allowances for differing perspectives.